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Fun Ghoul and Party Poison

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So, as most of you know, MCR is on the MTV Musical March Madness contest. And at this time, we're against Sum 41, who could easily pass us, and we don't need to let them do that. Voting for the Elite Eight ends at midnight tonight (Thursday). Let's vote so much that they don't have a chance of passing us before midnight.
Vote Here.

You can vote multiple times until it tells you that you need to cool down. After that, if you wait a few minutes, you can vote again.

Killjoys, make some noise!
killjoys make some noise

*crossing fingers*

Go get the last minute votes in

We're slipping in the last few hours of it, please go keep the numbers up. Yes this is very srs business.

mods:// if it doesn't get to you by 6 EST (I think?) then obviously you don't have to accept.

edit:// if you can't vote and still want to:

Hey guys: some of you are having problems voting - Depends on what time your computer is set to. Change it to be b/f 6pm EST & you're set.

because fuse is fucking stupid.