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Skylines &bTurnstiles Detroit 9/11/11

Hello ChemRom :)

I went to the DTE show in Detroit (Clarkston, really) and Gerard wound up singing Skylines and Turnstiles in honor of 9/11. I got a video of almost the whole thing. Thought you would all like it. I apologize in advance for not being able to see anything really since I was on the lawn and for the drunk idiots next to me wailing at the end.

Lily Munster hands

Arena Vienna vids

Videos from the Vienna, Austria gig on Monday. Some only clips as I managed to take a messed up memory card :(

Gig was excellent, best I'd seen them in a long time, band seemed really fired up. Anyone else go? I think there were a lot of people who'd gone over for it.

Edit* If anyone has a spare itunes ticket please get in touch, I'll pay, can off a lift etc anything you need! Am desperate not to miss out on another show :(

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