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Summer Tour?

I just received a phone call from my suitemate Stacey, she was listening to 89x based in Detroit, Michigan. Apparently they announced a show this summer, she said it as if it were part of a tour, with HIM, Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance and another band she didn't remember.

Now, this could be the Projekt Revolution tour, but if they said summer, I'd assume that wouldn't be late August, as an interview with some one from Linkin Park said the tour would be starting.
EDIT: After some searching, I found this:
"I can't say much about it, but Projekt Revolution is going to be happening this summer," he laughed. "It's looking like it'll start around July 24 and run through around Labor Day, and it is going to be a tour that no one will miss. And in my opinion — as a music fan — it's the most exciting tour that I've seen in a very long time." at MTV.com
So, summer it is. This may be the first signs of actual confirmation on Projekt Revolution's line-up.

And I forgot about this post from iluvcemetaries.

In conclusion of the edit, I suspect this date is a Projekt Revolution date, which means it will most likely be at DTE in Clarkston, for you Michiganders out there. :D

This is exciting. :D They'll definitely be doing dates in the US this summer kiddies, you can stop freaking out now.

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The reason I was asking for NJ fans.

Recently BBC Radio 1 contacted me about a documentary they are making on the band.

The documentary will go out live on air at 7pm UK time on BBC Radio 1, April 2nd.
The documentary is half an hour and will include interviews with NJ fans about the band and their home town.
After that, there will be an interview with the band and then a live gig from the band.

You can listen through the radio or on the website www.bbc.co.uk/radio1 at the time and the audio will be available on there for a week after the broadcast.

* Let me know if your one of the NJ fans that are getting interviewed!