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merch requests

I'm looking for two rare, old school MCR shirts/hoodies. They were posted for sale in this community circa 2006, if I remember correctly.

One has a pentagram made of knives on the front and reads Live By the Sword, Die By the Sword.

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The other has a picture of a hearse and reads Ride It Like You Stole It.

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If you're selling either shirt or know where I can find them, please let me know. Thanks!
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[hi again, another post from my academically-inclined mum. again, thanks mods for letting this through, and to you guys for filling out the survey!]

A huge thank you for all the amazing responses to the survey posted a few weeks back (see here)! It was so heartwarming to see how much this band have helped some of you. A few people mentioned that they would be willing to respond again in more depth, so I'm asking anyone who would be happy to take part in an email interview about your feelings towards MCR and their community/music/etc to contact me on the following email address:

mychemicalromancesurvey AT gmail DOT com

Please remain assured that all information received will be anonymised and treated with complete confidentiality. No real names need be given, and all questions will relate only to the band, etc.

Looking forward to hearing from anyone who is interested in helping me with my MA research in this way, and thanks again for all the help I've had so far!
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Camera Situation

Hey guys,
Sorry if this was asked already. I looked back and didn't see it. Those of you who have gone to shows on the U.S. tour so far, what has the situation with cameras been like? It doesn't say on the tickets they aren't allowed and as far as I know the tower theater doesn't have a policy on them. Any help is appreciated :)

Montreal 4/20?

My friend and I have been looking forward to this concert for five years (since the last time they dropped by), but my friend promised me she'd take care of the tickets, since it was going to be some kind of early birthday present. But she never got to it, reassured me she would, but right now I'm pulling all the stops to do it before she can, because she's got too many things to think about with university midterms right now.

If anyone has 2 tickets for the MTL show, I don't care how much I have to pay, as long as it's not, like, 500$.

Thanks to the amazing and wonderful and lovely peachy__keen , I'll be able to see MCR Wednesday night in Montreal!

tickety tick tock tickets

I'm sure you're sick of seeing these posts. I'm pretty sick of myself for having to make one, to be honest; usually I'm well on top of presales, but this time I managed to convince myself that trivialities like "textbooks" and "food" were more important. Wrong. So very, very wrong.

With that out of the way, I'm here on an epic quest for one teensy tiny ticket to the April 15th show in Chicago! Maybe your lame friend ditched you at the last minute, maybe you're a bit broke yourself and desperately need the cash, maybe you've won a fabulous tropical vacation and now you're going to spend April laying on a beach drinking daiquiris served by a legion of attractive well-oiled men. Whatever the circumstance, whatever the misfortune, if you find yourself with an extra ticket on your hands then I am absolutely here for you.

Things I will do in return:
  • Pay you money! Perhaps as much as the ticket cost you, perhaps a bit more. Throw me a number and if I don't immediately burst into tears, we may have a deal.
  • Pick up the ticket in whatever way is most convenient for you; in the mail, in person if you're in the Chicago area, at the concert, before the concert, at a coffeeshop like spies from enemy governments having a secret rendezvous, whatever tickles your fancy.
  • I could bake you a cake. No, seriously, I would gladly bake you a cake. I also have a Nutella scone recipe that I've been told is out of this world, and it would give me nothing but pleasure to express my gratitude to you in the form of chocolatey goodness.
  • Honestly, if someone sent me an e-mail that was like "I have a spare ticket but I want you to meet me downtown and do a dance in a funny hat in the middle of a busy sidewalk to cheer me up," I would borrow my roommate's giant straw sombrero and get on the next train.
So if you have an extra ticket for the 4/15 Chicago show at the Aragon Ballroom, then you and I are as made for each other as cookies and milk (I may be eating cookies right now. They're delicious. I could also bake you cookies), and you should feel very welcome to PM me or e-mail me at epinkerton (at) att.net at your convenience. Please. Do it for the kittens.

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 They are performing next week on the 12th february 2011 at the Wembley Arena

I am unable to make it, so need to sell my ticket on!

the price is £32 (same price I paid for it.)

if anyone is interested please let me know by PMing me or leaving a comment on here, you have to be DEFINITE about this as I need to sell it, i cannot lose out on £32!

i'll give you details on how to pay for it etc, but i'll be handing it over in person so you'll need to be in london to possibly see me and exchange money/ticket

thank you!