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MCR during the making of Desolation Row (Blacktree.TV)

It's a short thing and only Gerard and Frank speak (mostly Gerard of course xD) but I just found it and thought you'd like to see it. :)

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HQ version converted to AVI is someone wants it (I did it for myself because I have trouble viewing some YouTube videos)= http://www.sendspace.com/file/aqpa42

I'd love to see a real making off...

Oh Frank...I liked that look so much...you should have kept it! *slaps fangirl*

Edit: there's this other one in their MySpace:

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AVI= http://www.sendspace.com/file/sxtoxv
Maybe we'll have a whole version soon?
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MSG Show Video Compilation

I wasn't sure if I should post this here or not, but I guess some people will be interested and since it took me a lot of time the more people that  gets it the better.

Well, I was rather down because of the end of the tour, the break, etc (don't give me a lecture, I know they need the break, I just miss them and I'm gonna miss knowing about them every day) and I had nothing to do. And I would have loved to see their last show at the Madison Square Garden but...I just happen to live in Argentina!

Since lots of videos appeared on YouTube and many of them were really good, I decided to collect them. All of them had the option to see them in High Quality (new YouTube feature), so I ripped those versions (they're bigger and better than the normal YouTube size/quality)

Then I converted them to AVI and uploaded them for anyone who wants them. In the description of each file you'll see the name of the YouTube user who recorded it, so credits to them!

For some songs I couldn't decide, or the ones that were better weren't complete (that only in 1 or 2 cases) so I included more than one video.

To download them:  http://www.mediafire.com/?sdgqbddyb3b6b (34 files inside this folder, the -I guess- two that freeze for some seconds, that was in the original)

If you have trouble to see AVI files, download this, install it, and reboot your computer. It's safe!

If anyone has seen other versions different from the ones I've ripped and would want them converted, tell me and I'll do it, I'm bored anyway. XD
Mikey Chick

Projekt Revolution Videos (Myspace Live Stream) - 08/22/07

Here's a first pass of videos pulled from the live stream that ran on NowWhat tonight.

There are WMV files, all uploaded to MegaUpload. More formats and mirrors to come.

ETA: Mediafire and Sendspace links are slowly being added. :) Youtube is down for maintainance, so those vids will be added tomorrow.

ETA2: Here are links to these videos in iPod (MP4) format. I will re-upload these to more permanent sites tomorrow. Thanks rhinemaiden!

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I know several other people were ripping the stream as well. Feel free to make a new post here or at mychemicalmedia, or comment to this post with your links and we'll have one big happy media sharing post of doom. :D

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Welcome the Black Parade at T in the Park - better version

Well...the flash stream at the BBC site couldn't be exactly ripped so the versions that could be found around were "made" with a program that captures screen activity. Not very smooth quality of course.
Trying many things, and finally accepting to give Internet Explorer an opportunity I got to the Windows Media version and then to the slightly better quality version of it (the other one which I had already seen was a lot worse than the flash one) and that could be ripped. 

Remember you can find Teenagers and Helena recorded from TV here=