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My Chemical Romance planning new side-projects

My Chemical Romance planning new side-projects

Frank Iero promises a quick return to the studio though
September 28, 2011 13:03

Photo Gallery: My Chemical Romance
Photo: Frank Iero, pictured far left 
Dean Chalkley/NME

My Chemical Romance have said that they may well pursue new side-projects as they come to the end of the touring cycle for their fourth album 'Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys'.

Speaking to Kerrang!, guitarist Frank Iero, who fronts his own project Leathermouth already, has said that he believes the other members of the New Jersey rockers could follow a similar path.

Asked about the prospect of the other members of My Chemical Romance pursuing side-projects, Iero said: "I can see the other guys branching off and doing other things. Gerard [Way] has his writing, and he has plans for that, but he wants to direct too. And Ray [Toro] is such an incredible talent. I'd love to see him get the credit he's due. I can see us branching off, but always coming back to this."

The guitarist also indicated that My Chemical Romance would be recording again soon, adding:

"We're being very creative right now. There are some really bright and creative things going on. At every soundcheck, we're coming up with new pieces of music that could turn into something incredible. So we're hoping to get into the studio soon and really harness that.

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ETA: The original and less 'Oooh we're all off to do other things!' Kerrang article is here http://twitpic.com/6rxyps/full (as hunted down and shared by yekith)
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B-side of SING will be previously unreleased version of Ghost of You

A previously unheard version of Ghost of You, recorded during a BBC Radio 1 session at Maida Vale Studios in London last year, will be the B-side to SING.

January 17 is when SING will be released on CD and for digital download.

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I loved the version from HOB and if it's anything similar (just guessing here) I'd be glad for a studio-recorded track. But as the b-side to SING? I was hoping we'd have more new songs - then again that's only because I had high hopes stemming from my obsession with the Black Parade b-sides.
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My Chemical Romance’s ‘Danger Days…’ - Here’s What You Need To Know
Killjoys, listen up! Here's what we learned from hearing the new My Chemical Romance album 'Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys'. Fans and haters alike, come and see what they've created...

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Will Danger Days be the perfect rock album?

Mikey just re-tweeted a really great article from MTV predicting whether or not Danger Days will be the perfect rock album. It's a long but interesting read and comes with a new picture of the band.

My Chemical Romance's Danger Days: The Perfect Rock Album?
By James Montgomery (@positivnegativ)

Sure, it doesn't even have a release date yet, but Bigger Than the Sound is already enamored with MCR's latest.

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Rob Cavallo to produce new album

Found this article in USA Today:

"My Chemical Romance, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys (November)

Auditing the sound: Frontman Gerard Way and company had finished a raw rock album last year, then chucked it and started over after getting signals from a fresh muse. While not a concept album like 2006's The Black Parade, Danger Days represents a transmission blasted from the future, according to the band. Planetary (GO!) and Na Na Na are among the confirmed tracks produced by Rob Cavallo and recorded in Calabasas, Calif. No other specifics have been leaked, and the band's blog advises fans to "look alive, keep your ears to the ground and your eyes bloodshot and open … there are signs everywhere."

Eyeing the sales:The Black Parade was the band's biggest artistic and commercial success, selling 1.5 million copies (for a career total of 3.7 million albums) while impressing critics with its daring and ambitious strokes. Blender dubbed it "the Sgt. Pepper of screamo." My Chemical Romance's profile grew substantially with Parade, and the follow-up's scrapped first draft and tight lid on details have fans salivating. — Gundersen"

Source: usatoday

If anyone needs me I'll be over here, salivating.

My Chemical Romance’s “The Midnight Curfew”

A new My Chemical Romance DVD, “The Midnght Curfew” is due for release on June 29th. The title has been listed as an album at MTV.com and AOL Music, speculating that “The Midnight Curfew” could also be the name of My Chemical Romance’s fourth studio album.

The story of their formation is legendary, their rise to fame has been extraordinary and their influence is everywhere – and now the eyeliner crowd’s favourite band are roaring back into the fray. Gerard Way’s group has been a lesson in ‘how to connect’ for young bands across the world, moving from their New Jersey roots to global superstardom in a few short years. MCR’s combination of dark theatricality, a message that resonates globally and melodies that’ll hook you from mile away have been the catalyst for the intense connection that fans have forged with this extraordinary collective.
This two disc set allows Chem fans everywhereto get closer than ever to their heroes, with the most thorough and entertaining DVD documentary yet about MCR, covering their entire history and including exclusive interviews, contributions from those who have been intimately involved throughout their history and the finest music journalists and writers analysing recordings and performances by the group.
Also included is a CD interview disc containing more than an hour of rare audio interviews with the band in which they all reveal more than they have ever done previously.

What do you guys think? Legit or not? The title is on MTV and WIkipedia as the album name and for the DVD as-well.(unreliable source, I know.) The label on MTV is called "Pride Music", isn't MCR on Reprise Records?

My Chemical Romance -- 2010 New Album Preview (AOLradioblog.com)

Although they still haven't announced an official release date, New Jersey-based band My Chemical Romance is indeed planning on releasing a new 2010 album soon -- after a nearly four year absence from the mainstream music scene.

Last May, the group announced on their site that they would once again be heading back into their Los Angeles studio to work on their follow-up to 2006's 'The Black Parade,' and that they would be working with producer Brendan O'Brien, whose resume includes work with bands like AC/DC, Pearl Jam and Mastodon. Although the group hasn't yet announced a title for the album (much less a tracklist), they have revealed a few interesting details about how their new 2010 album might sound.

In a November interview with RockSound, lead singer Gerard Way said that that My Chemical Romance's new 2010 album would likely be their career defining work, adding that "A friend who heard the record recently said he now had no interest in listening to our older work anymore, that we had made all our old material redundant." Way also mentioned that MCR fans will receive their new record on multiple levels. "It is pretty safe to say that fans will not only enjoy this record more than any of our previous albums, but I also think they will get a clear picture from it, one that they will like," Way said. "It is more raw and honest and a better snapshot of the band."

In a more recent interview with RockSound, Way added that recording the album was "a huge challenge," since they "changed sweeping statements for bold gestures and tried to write massive songs without needing a marching band to fill them out. We tried to be honest and as loud as we could while being as plain as we could, our record is definitely not dumbed down it is just very very direct."

While the details of the group's new 2010 album remain somewhat hazy, one thing is for certain: fans shouldn't expect to see Bob Bryar onstage in any future MCR shows. In a post on his blog, guitarist Frank Iero said that the decision to part ways was "painful" and "not taken lightly," but confirmed that the drummer would no longer be with the group. As of yet, there has been no word on who will be replacing Bryar on the throne.