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Musical notation!

Okay here's a weird request: Could somebody write out or otherwise show me the musical notation for these words from Kids From Yesterday...

you only live forever in the lights you make

(Just the vocal!) I want to include it in a painting!
bob bryar

frank's tattoos.

does anyone have the link to the post in which someone posted all of frank's tattoo's, names, dates, and info about it? someone on tumblr is posting it as their own and i need the link to report it.

i hope someone can find it fast.
SteveJoe Pensive

Anyone have tickets for 8/21 Cincinnati?

This is really last minute, I know, but I didn't think I'd be able to go, and just found out I have that evening off. Of course any decently close options are sold out, and going for ridiculous prices online. What I really, desperately want is a pit ticket, but I'd be interested in seeing what anyone has available. Anyone?
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(no subject)

 The final 4 on The Glee Project performed Sing on last night's episode, it'd wouldn't have been as bad without the kids individual parts and just the chorus parts

I have TWO pit tickets for the HCT in Seattle, WA., September 1st.

I had so many nice responses when I was seeking a ticket in April from this community, not asking a penny more than what they paid, so I am in return doing the same.

I paid over $200 for my 2 tickets, so I am interested in selling them for $100 each to at least get some of my money back. I also have a parking stub, which if you buy both I will just throw it in, if you are interested in one ticket and also want the parking, just mention it to me! (first come first serve on the parking stub, pretty much)

I really want to sell them together, but I am pretty desperate to sell them, so please message me with ANY comments/questions. If you can't pay $100, I am willing to "haggle". I am moving in September and just really want to get at least SOME of my money back. I would rather have someone go in my place and have a great time and lose some money then lose it all together and waste these tickets.

I will accept payment through paypal (most convenient for me), cash (not recommended, but if it's all you can do, I will take it), money order or check. I will send the ticket(s) once I get your payment.

You can message me on here, my email (, or if you are a Tumblr user that is probably the fastest way to get ahold of me (

Please let anyone else you might know who might be interested about these tickets!
zipper, eye

tickets for sale

Hey, so I'm actually making this post for a friend that's not on LJ. She bought tickets for 2 different shows but unfortunately won't be able to make them now. She's trying to get rid of:
1. One pit ticket for the August 20th Tinley Park, I'LL show
2. One pit ticket for the September 10th Noblesville, IN show

She's selling each for face value (I think $85), but might be willing to make minor compromises if you ask. Email me at if you're interested and I will pass on the info/give her your contact info when she gets back from out of town.

Edit: the Indy ticket is no longer available.

Edit 2: the chicago ticket has also found a home!