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Looking for pit tickets or good seats close-ish to the stage for 9/27 Dallas date

2 tickets.

I'm willing to pay what you paid for them, including tax and fees. Since it's so close to the date I would prefer PDF format that I can print immediately or exchange tickets in person for cash at the concert.

Thank you.

Edit: Or even if you’re just selling 1 ticket. I found someone who is selling a pit ticket but they just have one.

It doesn’t have to be pit, just close to the stage, like, first 4 rows of the first 3 sections. Thanks.
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September 26th HCT Concert at The Woodlands Pavilion

I have an extra pair of tickets as well. Section 106, Row G, Seats 11 and 12. I will take best offer for the pair of them. If you comment below, we can exchange contact info and you can meet me in front of the Pavilion's Box Office before the show starts and I will give you the pair for cash. I paid $80 a piece but make me a cash offer, and they're yours. :)

september 26th show - honda civic tour

Hey guys.

So i was hoping i would be able to make it, but it looks like i won't be able to go to the Monday, september 26th stop of the civic tour in houston, TX. I'm hoping someone in or around the san antonio area would like to buy my tickets.

They're sec 108, row E, seats 23 & 24.

I'm am asking face value (apprx $69 each with a $14.25 service fee each. Total: $166) and can deliver them for free anywhere in the greater san antonio area this weekend.

Price is negotiable, as i'd rather have them used then completely wasted. Paypal or cash acceptable.

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Selling: 2 Honda Civic Tour tickets - 10/8/11 - Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA

Due to some ridiculous circumstances, I am unable to make it to this show.

Section N2
Row 6
Seats 102 and 103

Price: $57.50 + shipping costs
(This is what I paid, but it's negotiable.)

These are physical tickets that I will send to you immediately upon purchase. Paypal only.

My dad decided he'd rather move to a new state to raise his new family than do this with me as planned, so everything is a mess right now, and I would really just love these tickets to go to a good home so somebody can have a good time!

Skylines &bTurnstiles Detroit 9/11/11

Hello ChemRom :)

I went to the DTE show in Detroit (Clarkston, really) and Gerard wound up singing Skylines and Turnstiles in honor of 9/11. I got a video of almost the whole thing. Thought you would all like it. I apologize in advance for not being able to see anything really since I was on the lawn and for the drunk idiots next to me wailing at the end.

just the facts

Just The Facts
Friday September 2, 2011 | Posted by: Frank
Hello all,
Some shit happened last night and before the blogosphere gets all crazy with false statements and ridiculous opinions we want the true story to come from us... But please listen close because this is the only time we are ever going to talk about this. The relationship between My Chemical Romance and Michael Pedicone is over. He was caught red handed stealing from the band and confessed to police after our show last night in Auburn, Washington. We are heartbroken and sick to our stomachs over this entire situation. The band has no intention of pressing charges or taking this matter any further than we have to. We just want him out of our lives. The people who play in this band are a family, and family should not take advantage of each other like he did. We are currently moving forward, and hope to have a new drummer in place for our show in Salt Lake City, Utah. The show must go on.

tw sterek stiles is in charge

Selling: Honda Civic Tour - 1 ticket to Charlotte, NC show

Hello everyone! I'm selling 1 ticket to the Honda Civic Tour with Blink 182 and My Chemical Romance in Charlotte, NC on Tuesday, September 20. The seat is Section 5, row J seat 13 (seating chart). I'm asking exactly what I paid for it, $57.50, and can email you the PDF ticket as soon as I receive payment. Paypal preferred, but let me know if you're interested and we can possibly work something else out.