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attention all members/posters of the chemicalromance community:

the last few days i have been going through and excessive amount of posts regarding or related to either fan art, icons, or questions/pictures of gerard's new haircut. yesterday alone i had to filter over thirty-some posts about the same thing, many of which had faulty links. it has come to my attention that a sister community needed to be created in order to stop this problem. therefore, today i established a community for all things art/video/audio/photo-related to mcr: mcr_photography, where such things can appear. this community is getting entirely too clogged up with repeated posts, so i ask that you make use of this new community.

it's still in the beginning processes of being maintained and presentable, but for now it works. i hope this becomes a positive filter of negative comments and repeated posts.

.:: one of your mcr mods ::.


after reading several comments from this post i felt that i needed to better-express myself and why this sister community was created.

first of all, this community (chemicalromance) has four mods, which would seem like plenty, but as of the last few weeks, i seem to be the only one checking posts, which becomes difficult when you're out a week or so with the flu because they add up. i can't tell you how many repeated entries i reject, so to say that this community is still entirely too polluted with repeated posts is a lie, not to mention insulting. all four of us work hard to keep this community pleasurable to all it's members, so a little respect on our behalves is welcomed and deserved.

secondly, the only reason mcr_photography was created was because of complaints i have been receiving from other members about how they're tired of seeing sorry pieces of fan art or how this community has entirely too many icon posts, etc. so i thought it would be smart to have another community for just those things. lots of communities do this for bands, etc., which is why it was done. that doesn't mean members can't post concert photos and the like here, but all repeated pictures, etc. should be directed there. from now on i'm only letting a select number of gerard hair shots, etc. through and if you're unhappy with that, then i apologize, but you'll find on the info page the rules for this community and number's two, four, and six seem to keep coming up and things need to change. this isn't a community about hair or looks, etc. it's about my chemical romance and what they produce, which is music. if you want fifteen head shots of gerard's new 'do then make a community for it. otherwise, stick around and post/discuss things that actually matter and have a purpose.

furthermore, nobody is being forced to use this new community or even join it. picture posts, etc. are still welcomed, but note that repeated posts will not be considered nor will random posts about irrelevant things, just as it as ALWAYS been.


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