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this community, by overwhelming demand, is once again moderated.
i was one of the former moderators, and we did leave/cease to moderate, and i have been here, persay, and i have been "abandoning" the community, but moreso i really don't think moderation is necessary. before i would try and delete posts before they got out of hand -- although i really don't think people noticed, and clearly it didn't have much effect.

anyway, so, it's once again moderated.
we are however, looking for anyone who wants to help moderate -- preferably someone from the uk, or just someone who would be around when we're not (we are from the east coast, if that's any indication), so people don't have to wait until we wake up/come home from various places/etc to get their posts approved and posted. you can email if you're interested; please include your livejournal name. we don't really care who does it, just as long as you're not going to be biased or, for that matter, rude. thanks.

and, for the record, i can't "hand over" this community because it's NOT MINE. i don't even really talk to the person who made it, i'm a friend of a friend who incidentally became a moderator. i am sorry that you know, people having free reign of what can or cannot be posted was so difficult for this community to handle. hopefully, that is fixed now.

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