___alreadyknow (___alreadyknow) wrote in chemicalromance,

Last week I waved goodbye to mcr. Obviously It couldn’t last. So this week I heard a rumour on a thread that gerard has started drinking again and it hurts that I cannot disassociate myself from a liar and a bastard who can’t even admit to who and what he is. And I want to stop thinking about how his voice sounded and I can only look on and think of how it won’t sound like that for much longer if they continue touring at the rate they are, add his drinking to that equation they will not only get what happened at japan. They will get a break & he will get so fucking depressed and sucidal.That will be it. Gone. No more gerard. No more mcr.The rest of the band should wake up like NOW stop caring about mainsteam success so much and take care of him. I may no longer be a fan but I stil care about them.

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