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Searching for ORIGINAL "One Night Only" Madison Square Garden t-shirt

Hey folks! I am on the lookout for a rather hard-to-find piece of MCR memorabilia, and I'm hoping you all can help me out.

On May 9, 2008, I was fortunate enough to see MCR at Madison Square Garden, on their last performance of the Black Parade tour. There was a limited edition shirt being sold at that concert, and as you could imagine, it sold out before the show even started (I got to watch helplessly from the endless merch booth line as the last shirt was pulled down from the wall, haha). I have been scouring the internet since 2008, from eBay to LJ communities to niche auction sites, in an attempt to get my hands on this t-shirt. I've only seen it for sale twice - once in 2011 or so and once a couple months ago (I'm still kicking myself for not catching the auction in time). To my dismay, I noticed that Hot Topic has just begun selling a near-identical copy of this t-shirt with the same exact design but minus the words "Madison Square Garden." I'm rather upset by this decision, which is clearly another attempt to cash in on the MCR name now that the band is defunct and the members themselves get no say in the merch being sold, and it also cheapens the experience of those who were there at the show and got to purchase what was previously an exclusive item. It also means that it will be even harder for me to find the actual shirt I'm seeking from now on, so I'm beginning to feel a real sense of urgency.

Here is a photo of the shirt I am looking for.

(click to enlarge)

I am willing to purchase it in any size and any condition due to its rarity. Cost is a non-issue - name your own price and I will accept, seriously. If you see someone selling this shirt, or own one and are considering parting ways with it, please, please let me know. This tiny piece of memorabilia means a great deal to me, and I promise it'll be worth your while.

I will be looking for this shirt until I manage to get my hands on one - I honestly mean it. I've been searching since 2008 and I'm not gonna call it quits anytime soon. At any point in the future, if you see this post and have the shirt for sale or know someone who does, hit me up and we'll talk turkey. ;)

Thanks again, and long live MCR.

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