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Signing session: MCR + Chuck Palahniuk, y/y/OMFGY?

MCR had a signing session at QK7 stadium this afternoon (19/1). Mikey has the prettiest eyes ever... *cough* Anyway, what I want to say is, I brought Chuck Palahniuk's Invisible Monsters for them to sign on. Ahahahaha. I wanted to bring American Psycho for Frank to sign (because of his big big love for Bret Easton Ellis and mutilated prostitutes and secret gay affairs in the bathroom), but I don't have it here, so Chuck Palahniuk is the next best thing, right? He has mutilated supermodels and underaged gay sex and sex-change operations and OMGAWESOME. The best thing is, Frank recognized the book. XDDD He was like, "Oh, I know this book, good book." and I nearly died of glee. (Me: "Oh, hahaha, I wanted to bring American Psycho for you, but I don't have it here..." - Frank: "Oh really... *grins bashfully*" XD;;)

Frank signed the front page as if he was the book's author.

Ray was thoughtful and only signed at the bottom of the page although I totally didn't mind him signing all over it. (It was also really funny how he looked at my book with a totally confuzzled expression on his face, 'What is this book thing I'm seeing in front of me? o__o')

Gerard, apparently, wasn't as thoughtful. He signed all over the COVER before I could say anything. The next time I read it, some people will say, "Oh, cool, you've got an autographed book! What author is that?", and I will be like, "No, actually it's the lead singer of My Chemical Romance.", and that person will just stare at me blankly. (He also looked like he hadn't had a shower in 5 days... which is actually a usual image for him, y/n?)

I didn't manage to get Bob and Mikey to sign it though. ;___;

But I made my friend carry out this brilliant plan where we had them sign with my lipstick and eyeliner. (haruka1990, you're the most precious friend ever, 'k?)

See, they are the gayest band ever, they sign with lipstick and eyeliner!!

Gerard is such a diva. "XOXO" smack right in the middle of the page, in red lipstick. Also, Mikey apparently wasn't very good with an eyeliner. *snickers*

Extra: Pictures of MCR arriving at TSN airport in HCM city, Vietnam (18/1).

Mikey smiling! With teeth!

So, what's this I hear about Frank quitting smoking? *raise an eyebrow* He totally was smoking at the signing session as well.

More of Mikey smiling with teeth!

ETA: Pictures from the press conference at New World hotel, 19/1 morning. There's Bob!!

Frank brings colour! The return of Bob Bryar, The Man Who Never Dies!!

Apparently, Gerard never takes off those sunglasses anymore. It's become a permanent fixture of his everyday life.

...Um. What happened to Ray's fro?

...God, his face.

Frank Iero: colour-clashing extraordinaire. How does Frank manage to be so awesome in every single picture?

ETA2: Um. Even MORE pictures from the signing session. No, I didn't take them. They're from the professional photographer of the show's official site.

I'm just extremely in love with this pic because that's like a 60-year-old man. Wow. Who knew 60-year-old men listen to MCR? Or maybe he's just there for his granddaughter/son.

This girl asked whether she could have a lock of Ray's fro. I want to know if she's got it. I WANT.

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