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New Mod Hiring: Attempt Deux

hopefully this one is less of a disaster.

i know that people complain that posts do not go through quickly enough. i believe you, because there are always posts in the queue. not the mods fault, just too heavy a workload. i know that we need more mods. however, the last time i allowed the members of the community to nominate and vote for mods, it turned into an all out mud-slinging and back-stabbing competition. so in order to avoid another one of those, your community mods (not me) have nominated three new mods for the community:

cheapglue from australia
captain_gromit from the uk
_greatguitarsex from california, us

if you guys want the moderatorship, please accept it in comment form.

also - considering i don't really know anything about any of you, feel free to contact me on one of my many aim screennames and we'll have a chat.

to the members - please do not comment saying mean/bad/nasty things about these three. do not e-mail them to me. do not im me with them. i don't want to hear it. if the mods say these three users are good candidates, i'm sure they are.

once again, i am urging you to join chem_mods to voice your opinions on changes needed in the community.

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