elligator (gloryfades) wrote in chemicalromance,


so i deleted all the past posts i've made about mods. honestly, some of the people in this community are ridiculous. i tried to leave it up to democracy, and allow you guys to pick who you want. and the whole thing turns into this huge catty back-and-forth issue. stop treating this like it's a presidential nomination, we just need another mod! i've received so many e-mails and lj messages full of mudslinging that i'm tired of hearing about it.

so, for now, no new mods are getting picked. nobody won the poll, it was even at 206 and 206 when i deleted it. i'm going to keep an eye on the community and see which members seem to help out the most. the mods and myself will nominate people.

there are a couple thousand members in here and handful in the new community. i'm not posting community-technical issues in here anymore after this, so you will miss out on news & changes if you don't join. plus, i'm making posts for all of the separate issues people bring up so everyone can make suggestions. go use your power to vote.

ps - all of this has put me in a terrible mood, as you can see. i'll probably feel really bad for being such a bitch tomorrow. but the first person who starts an argument in the comments will die by hands. yes, through your computer moniter :D

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