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My Chemical Romance @ Sheffield Hallam FM

Even though the concert was over a week ago, I am actually still buzzing from it. I haven't stopped smiling at all and I've been bouncing up and down a lot (( much to Gemma and Ellie's annoyance *giggle* )). Not only is it because I went to the gig but it was also because they played my favourite song... And I don't just mean my favourite My Chem... song but like my all time favouritest (( Yes I am aware there is no such word! )) song in the world that ever existed E V E R ! ! That song was 'Headfirst For Halos' ^^ I had never heard them play it before all the three times I'd been to see them before and I'd been reading everyone's lists of songs that they had played at the gigs that they went to leading up to the Sheffield gig and they had pretty much all contained 'Headfirst...' so I was buzzing from then onwards convinced they were going to play it, even though James was all 'They won't play it! Calm down!!!!' HA! Wrong bitch! They did! Even though they were two men down *cries but wishes them the best never-the-less* they blew the under-crackers off everyone in that damn arena! I couldn't help noticing, and I don't know whether it's true for anyone else who went to a gig, how many people were wearing 'Cradle Of Filth' shirts?! Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that they're expanding on their musical tastes and going to MCR gigs, but really it's the most unlikely thing to like as well as MCR, I have nothing against the dudes in COF coz they're nut cases, british and funny as hell, the extreme genres just amused and delighted me ^^

Anyways, no-one wants to hear me ramble, so I'll shut up (( lol, 'shut me up' ^^ ... ahem, sorry...! )) and post the aweosme piccies I took with my pretty little camera! ^^ I have a HFFH video but it won't upload on youtube ¬¬. If I ever do get it to upload I have to apologise in advance for the joltyness of that video... I thought I did a good job of not having a spaz but... well... I thought wrong!! xD

First I'll post the good pictures I got and then I have a bunch of photos that I took that will either make you shake your head and pity me or will make you laugh your ass off, I hope it's the latter xD Please be aware that I was seated and a bit high up so I apolgise if they're not as amazing as the ones that the people standing got o.O


(( 1 )) Ray Torro (( FRO!! ))                                                                 (( 2 )) Stand in Bob!


(( 3 )) Stand in Frank and Mikey                                      (( 4 )) S P A R K L E S ! !


(( 5 )) This picture was mainly for the gloves... ^^                   (( 6 )) Stand in Frank (( Tis Matt Cortez, oui?! ))


(( 7 )) Drums, Guitar and Bass! Gee was hiding ¬¬                                                       (( 8 )) G O T   H I M !  Finally!


(( 9 )) Gee and Mikey                                           (( 10 )) ... Gloves again... They were cool OK?!


(( 11 )) I think that's Gerard... yes, 'tis! ^^                                                      (( 12 )) What a finale!!

Now here are the 'special' pictures... because we were sat up high we had a massive stupid speaker in the way ¬¬
We were a bit annoyed about it because we could hardly see any of the damn stage!
B U T I discovered something amazing... If I took a picture when someone was stood in a certain place at the bottom of these speakers, we got...

S P E A K E R   B E A S T S ! ! !

Tee hee, this one has F O U R  legs XD

So there we have it!
Hope You enjoyed them, and don't think I'm too insane with my speaker beasts o.O
Steal them and use them how you wish
Credit isn't a necessity so don't worry about it ^^
Suzy <3

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