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Okay so, yesterday was the 10th time I’ve seen MCR live and it was far and away the most amazing show I have EVER seen them play. It was just incredible, and there’s really no other words for it.

I saw someone else posted the interesting things that happened, but a few were omitted, so I thought I’d fill you guys in.

-First off, SO MUCH FRERARD. The first moment was in the first song when Frank was standing on Gee’s monitor and Gee came over to stand on it and bumped Frankie off with his hip.
-they would randomly keep rubbing their hands all over each other.
-Frank attempted to unzip Gerard’s jacket, but failed miserably until Gee just rolled his eyes and pushed him away.
-THEN THE BIG ONE. At the beginning of Teenagers I suspected something was up because Gerard said “Give the kids what they want” and Frank came right over to gee at the beginning part where he doesn’t play and looked up at him like O;-) and they just kept ALMOST doing Frerad type stuff until all the sudden they’re both at the front of the stage and Gee starts doing this robot walk towards Frank and Frankie gets the biggest grin on his face and starts pretending to reel Gerard in like a fish. Then when they finally met, not only did their faces get EXTREMLY close together, they grabbed a hold of each other’s hips and grinded their crotches together like they were freak dancing in a club. It was AMAZING.
- At the beginning of “Famous Last Words” Gerard dedicated the song to “His love” and then he was like “where you at boo??” and Frankie says into the mic “I’m over here!” it was adorable.

Part 2: reasons why Frank is insane.
-First crazy thing: He was laying on the ground playing as he does, rolling around and doing the thing where he bends at the knees and leans all the way back. Somehow in the midst of all this, the strap on his Frankenstein guitar broke off and actually cut his arm, so he couldn’t get up. Instead of just sitting there and finishing the song on the ground oh no; Frank BREAKS the guitar, banging it against the floor and then swinging it around by the broken strap with pieces flying off (one almost hit his guitar tech!) before he just let it crash and burn

#2: During one of the songs Frank decides he’s gonna sit on the monitor and play, then he decides he’d rather lay in between it and these little metal light box things, so he did and he’s playing and the security guards kept looking at him like he was crazy, which he scowled at. So then, when he decided he was done and wanted to get up, he realized his foot was stuck in the light box thing. He jiggled it around trying to get it off, and when it wouldn’t come off he kicked it, and just launched the whole thing off the stage and right at security, by the time he got up his entire set up was basically destroyed.

#3: HE CROWD SURFED! I was so stoked about this! He literally hopped off the stage into the little area between the pit and the stage on his side during FLW. (People were grabbing him everywhere!) and walked to the middle of the crowd where he got up in it and jumped on everyone, he was at one point on his back, suspended, and crowd surfing, but mostly he just stood on the security step and leaned into the crowd and sang.

Part 3 other cool/interesting things that happened
- Gerard said that this security guys ass was so big that it needed a saddle.
- Three boas made it onstage for Mama. Gerard wore a black one. He tried to put an orange one on James and he wrapped a black and red one around Frank’s head like a headdress. (which Frank later wrapped around his microphone and giggled about- I guarantee he was thinking about Steven Tyler)
- At one point everyone was singing so loud, Gerard stopped singing and goes "Oh you guys (meaning the crowd) are just so cute I can't even handle it!"
- Gerard danced on Worm and Worm actually danced back; hilarity ensued.
- I was lucky enough to get Frank’s pick, it’s yellow with a wolf on one side and writing that says “F.T.W.” on the other side.
- My friend got the set list and there was one taped on top of an old one; making it look like they added more songs on at the last minute. In the best order I can remember(so basically no particular order), they played:
How I Disappear
The Sharpest Lives
I'm Not Okay
Cemetary Drive
Famous Last Words
Heaven Help Us
House of Wolves
Give Em Hell Kid
I Don't Love You
Welcome To The Black Parade
You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison

- Gerard had ‘MORE TODAY’ written on his neck.
- At one point during one of the songs Gee came up to Matt, gripped his hair, and forced him to headbang.
- During the part in Prison where he wants all the males to take their shirt off; there was this total metal guy in the crowd behind me who had basically been standing like ‘-_-‘ the whole set so Gerard comes over and is like “You! give me your shirt, take it off, I want it.” And he starts trying to look cute and touching himself in front of this guy and shit, but the dude refuses and Gee’s like “Oh come on, I’ll even give it back if you give it to me!” and the guy still wouldn’t so Gerard went away pouting. It was so cute.
- Someone threw their gray t-shirt on stage so Frank put it on—the sleeves went past his elbows almost.
- Someone else threw their sunglasses onstage and Frank put those on too.
- During IDLY the ENTIRE place was waving their hands and Gee looked up and out at everyone, and got the biggest smile on his face for a second, like he was truly amazed.

This show was overall seriously INCREDIBLE. The crowd was so loud a lot of the time that I couldn’t even hear Gee sing, but it didn’t even matter, the energy was crazy. I remember thinking that TBS’s set was so good and I was skeptical that MCR could show them up. I was obviously insane for thinking that. My Chem pulled out all the stops. I’m not someone who’s that big on Gerard usually, but tonight he was just phenomenal and like, I just got struck with the realization of what an amazing front man he is. He was fantasic, this show was brilliant.

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