kewlioto (kewlioto) wrote in chemicalromance,

Bamboozle questions!

Sorry if any of this has already been asked, but I am a bamboozle n00b, so here it goes...

1. How early do I need to get there? (I know doors open at 11, but line ups??)
2. How easy/hard is it to sneak in a camera?
3.How is the bus service from NYC? I know there's a bus, but i'm sorta weary...Do you preorder tickets? Are they there when its over?
4. How late does it usually go to?
5. How much money should I bring? (assuming i want to eat like a normal person and maybe splurge on some merch)
6. Is it dangerous? Like, are the mosh pits avoidable or will I be gobbled into the midst of a wave of elbows?
7. How sick of answering these questions are you?

ty :)
Tags: a concert-guide for newbies, faq, help!

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