Killjoys, Make Some Noise (azrielen) wrote in chemicalromance,
Killjoys, Make Some Noise


OK, so over the last few days since the start of the tour, there have been a ton of concert reviews and such coming through the queue. They've been fabulous! But there have been a ton of them and some members have been expressing their desire to see a new place for these concert reviews to call home.

So, after a brief discussion, it looks like all future posts that consist of just a concert review are going to be rejected from this comm and sent over to a brand spankin' new one:


It's run by silhouettes1 and there are already people posting there with some great reviews. It'll be good to have a place where fans that want to read and post about each and every concert experience can go and talk without anyone being annoyed by the sheer amount of these posts that pop up.

So, that's the deal. After a few days to get all the mods in sync, all reviews will be pointed over there. Feel free to express your joy or annoyance in the comments.


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