cumcumber (nest_freemark) wrote in chemicalromance,

Mod post.

Obviously you guys need to be reminded of some of the rules:

The moderators can't always be around to catch bickering. It doesn't help to provoke, and escalate. Be civilized.

Seriously people. I wake up to see people fighting over gum. Is it so hard not to call each other names and insult each other? And if someone does that to you, be mature enough to ignore it or contact one of the mods. Calling them names back is not going to solve anything.

Did you hear that Frankie is dating Hillary Duff?
Yeah, don't be stupid.

If you feel to need to discuss rumors, do it in your own LJ or anywhere else but not here. You know you're not supposed to, is it so hard to follow the rules?

And I've also seen a lot of people complain about this community recently in other communities. We can't really do much if you don't talk to us so I'm giving you the chance to do just that. Do you have ideas on how we could change this community to the better, voice them here and hopefully I don't even have to ask you not to be rude about it.

I also like to remind you that you're not going to like every post. This is a large community with a lot of opinions and likes and it's not possible to tailor this place to just suit your needs since we have to consider everyone.

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