May 16th, 2011

Two Tickets to Houston 5/20 show

 I just found out TODAY that I cannot make it to this show. I will not begin to state my disappointment but I need my job so here's to hoping to make the next tour! ANYWAY I have 2 tickets to this show I am willing to sell. I am asking for $80 which is about $20 less than what I paid. 
For serious inquires please contact me at

Big Weekendery and falling back in love.

Ahoy there, I'm new to this community. So I don't know if this is the type of post that you'll all be cool with here because it's not news or a review or anything, but most of what I saw clicking through the pages was people after concert tickets or offering concert tickets, so I haven't really gotten the best idea of what else it's for, to be honest. I was, however, looking for likeminded folks and the post I found on google that lead me here was interesting enough (I forget what it was), so here I am. If this post isn't what I should be posting, delete it, I guess? I'm sorry.

Anyway, I was working at the Radio 1 Big Weekend festival over the weekend as one of the bar staff... Collapse )

You probably didn't/won't read all that, so here is something slightly more helpful and interesting for if you couldn't be there:
I also got to watch their whole set on the BBC site and I think they were very good, though the recording I watched...the recording was pretty f**cked. Boyfriend commented that they turned the guitars up too high and the vocals down too low. I'd have to agree. Watch it here.
You have to click on the thumbnail that says something about them playing live at the Big Weekend festival, but it's there.

Edit: I've come to realise that this post is all over the place. I was still pretty exhausted from the weekend when I wrote it and it's all still true...But I'm sorry for all the crazy.