April 3rd, 2011


Ray Toro Interview

I've seen this posted around everywhere except here. So in case someone missed this insanely long interview with Ray Toro, here is the link:

March 2011 Ray Toro Interview

For My Chemical Romance’s setlist during The World Contamination Tour, are you guys basing it primarily on Danger Days, or will it be an even mixture between all four albums?

I would say definitely more Danger Days. We don’t know touring wise what the rest of this year or next year will hold. We are really excited to play these songs, and some people have not heard them. It is definitely primarily Danger Days, but there is also a good mix of stuff from The Black Parade, and songs we have not played off Revenge (Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge) in years.

We have even been playing a couple of songs off our basement record Bullets (I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love) which is pretty cool. I don’t even know where we got the idea from, but we started playing the second or third song the band wrote, which was the first song we recorded for real called "Vampires Will Never Hurt You.”

That is a super fan favorite, and if you are a super fan of My Chem then you will know that song, and know it was almost our first introduction to the fans. That was when we were a little bit darker.

We brought that song out, and I cannot remember which city we did it in, but the hardcore fans flipped out. We play that song every once in a while depending on how the night goes, and if it is a really good show, we will probably play it.

Another crazy thing is because every record is so different, it is cool to hear them budded up against each other, and they take on a different light. It is definitely a fun show.

I feel My Chemical Romance puts together solid albums that you can listen to from front to finish without skipping tracks.

You’ve got too, you have too. Singles are very important and I almost think of singles as an advertisement for a band. Singles are the songs most people pick up on because they have a special quality to them. They have a certain pixie dust that happens to catch your ear, and a lot of people can enjoy them.

You hear a single or two that make you want to buy the record, and most good music fans will tell you they have favorite album tracks they enjoy better than the singles. It is always about digging deep, and digging further like that.

I am really proud of us for doing that, and we don’t put a bad song on our record. We don’t put throwaways, we can’t fucking do it.

I know there are bands, and people out there doing it, and it sucks. To me, those are the people who kill the record, it’s what kills the album. A lot of people talk about it is because of downloading, or iTunes and the 99 cent single, which plays a part, but the reality is, people are fucking tired of paying ten to fifteen dollars for three songs. That is the problem. There was an era of music with a lot of fucking bands, and a lot of rock artists who put out shitty records and ruined it. They are the ones who fucking ruined it.

You have to be on top of your game all the time, and there are a lot of people who don’t do that. They concentrate on three or four singles, and put them up front on the record. It is so fucking obvious, and the rest of the record straight up fucking sucks. You can talk to these people and they will talk about it like they did their best, but they are throwaways. That is what sucks, so that is what killed the album.

We are doing our part, and put the same amount of effort into every single song that goes onto a record. We spend countless hours working to make sure it is right. We cannot do it, we can’t put out shitty songs, we won’t do it.

It's so long, so there are a couple of the best questions and answers. I have a couple things to say:
#1. I love that with this album it seems Ray is doing a lot more solo interviews than before. Even with the Spin interview about the tour, 4 years ago that would have been all Gerard. I feel it makes them more cohesive to have each of them do what seems to be an even amount of interviews instead of having Gerard primarily do them.
#2. Who knew Ray had such a potty mouth!?
#3. Tonight last night to vote for MCR at MTV, Paramore is currently winning by 10%.
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