January 15th, 2011

questions about MEN Arena show 18/02?

 Hey Killjoys ;D

so me and my friends are going to the gig in Manchester (MEN Arena) on the 18th of February, and it's going to be my first ever gig, basically. (I AM EXCITE.)  I just have some questions about My Chem gigs/MEN Arena, if anyone's been there? sorry if these are really stupid questions, but I'm an awkward convert!virgin so be gentle with me :P

- we have seated tickets, Block 113, row B, seats 21-25. I know these aren't going to be hugely great but if anyone's sat there or near there do you have any idea what the view is like?

- if we're seated, I'm hoping that getting there later won't be an issue? The show stars 7:30 and we should be there at about 5.

- roughly how long do My Chem arena gigs tend to last? I've heard about three hours/three hours and a half, but we're getting the train home (organising it has been a pain in the ass >.>) we're heading from Manchester to Leeds, and the last train out is at like 11:20 :|