November 13th, 2007

my little pre-gig manifesto.

man, i cant wait until thursday. i might as well camp at the o2 arena....thursday i'm seeing MCR and saturday i'm seeing the foo fighters.
anyway, mega pleased at such a mixed bag of songs...i just hope frank's okay. still, mikey's back...yeah? so it's not all bad...otherwise it'll have been just Gee and Ray lol! that'd have been mega weird..

i'm also looking forward to seeing MSI...i've not heard a single one of their songs, but i always enjoy discovering new acts at gigs. i didnt really like Thursday supporting MCR back in March at wembley. nothing personal...just not my cup of tea, you understand.

i'm lucky, i almost didnt get to go...i sold my standing tickets and paid a hell of a lot to get seating tickets right next to the stage.
the reason for this is because i'm taking my girlfriend and she's very...fragile lol everytime i take her into a pit...she needs pulling out, and she really loves MCR. and we all know what an MCR pit is like. i will NOT have her bashed about, and pushed around just because of retarded little swamp creatures that get at the venue 5 minutes before the doors open, who get off on ruining gigs for the fans who wait hours in the cold to get to the front.
so, as much as i'd have loved to get to the barrier, i had to think of her...and i'd get ten times more enjoyment sitting down and seeing her have fun, than i'd ever get dancing in a mosh pit but having her get bullied by a bunch of assholes.
plus, it'll be quite relaxing knowing for the first time in about 1000 gigs i've been to that i DONT have to get there at 6.30 in the morning and can turn up whenever i fancy and still be close to MCR. ^_^

anyway, hope you all have fun tonight, and thursday (whichever one you're at)...and for those of you who ARE in the pit...have fun, be safe, and look out for each other. if you see someone in trouble, please dont ignore them just cos MCR are on stage...i'm sure Gee and the guys would much prefere you to take 5 seconds to get someone out of the pit that's struggling than watch them.
remember...we're all there for the same reason; we love MCR. so mosh together, not against each other.
having said that...there WILL be jerks there. there are ALWAYS jerks at gigs. ignore them, and stick together. have the time of your lives, because you never know quite how long it's gonna be until they're back here touring.

so, keep rocking...and i'll see you there. :)

lee xx
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just thought everyone would like to know.

the kerrang! readers poll site is back up. and we're losing.

UPDATES (as of 3:36 pm EST of NOV. 14):
Best Band
Thanks for voting for 30 Seconds To Mars, 228942 others agree with your choice so far.
Thanks for voting for My Chemical Romance, 232651 others agree with your choice so far.
Thanks for voting for Tokio Hotel, 221096 others agree with your choice so far.
Thanks for voting for Lostprophets, 110600 others agree with your choice so far.


Sexiest Female
Thanks for voting for William Beckett, 146804 others agree with your choice so far.
Thanks for voting for Gerard Way, 178889 others agree with your choice so far.
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kill yourself!

UA signing tommorow

Just wanted to do a quick tally of who's going and what time there getting there.
My friends and I are aiming to get there for about 8 AM, which I think seems to be the general time people are getting there.
I went to forbidden planet earlier today and they said they expecting it to be a little chaotic. =/
Also does it feel like it's taking forever to get to Thursday for anyone else?

No Headfirst for Halos? [Aberdeen Gig]

For everyone else's sake.

No Frank.
No Bob.

Tbh; I was really really really looking forward to them playing Headfirst for Halos...and they didn't...although they played it in Newcastle...with Honey this mirror aint big enough for the two of us.

And is Bob still ill?
And what of Frank?

I hope Bob gets better soon.
And I hope none of Frank's friends or family have fallen ill.


Worried more than disappointed about the whole "no bullets" thing.

But apart from that.
It was sooo amazing!

Although I'm quite small and had two frikken tall people standing in front of me...


But i managed to shove em out the way.
I may be small...but get me mad and i can be quite vicious...
especially when it comes to MCR :]

doesn't mikey look really different?

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Here's a link to my post about the gig at Aberdeen last night - and as far as I know, it was just Bob and Frank missing. Although, as some people have said, it would appear that Bob's been watching from the sidelines (though I didn't actually spot him myself). :)

Beware though - I ramble a lot, and it may not make much sense at all... here. :)