March 31st, 2007


Ottawa concert...?

(I hope this is allowed..)

My friend pastlink and I will be attending MCR's show in Ottawa (Kanata) on May 10th. We're coming from Montreal (after going to the one at the Bell Center the day before, woohoo!! ahem.) and we have NO idea of how to get to the venue (...Corel Stadium?), where to sleep over, etc.
Sooo, if anyone would like to help us, point some youth inns/good places, meet up or something, any help is appreciated.

(We're also looking for a respectable tattoo parlour, because it's the very day of our "anniversary" - first time we met - and we want to commemorate it, but we -really- don't know the area. Help will that will be MUCH, much appreciated also.)

Thank you!!
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Wembley 30th March gig - my humble opinions

So last night my friend and I (she took the place of my fiancee who is abroad) :-(
went to see MCR at Wembley. She is a "new" fan if you see what I mean and only knows the black parade but still really likes them so it was good having her there, I was looking forward to their older stuff more, and really enjoyed the last bit even if Frank was not there. I think Matt did really well and it all sounded great considering and I think that the whole show was really fantastic.

I'm seeing them again at Download but I was waiting for this gig for a LONG time and being standing was great, we had a fantastic view and the confetti was so great, I took some videos of it all so I'll upload them if anyone wants? I got some pretty good ones even if they are from my phone as I had a pretty good video/camera phone with zoom and everything.

I just had a really great time, and even though I am usually alot more graceful in my writing I'm really tired and in a big rush so I just wanted to say how great it was and that I'm glad I went and that I'll be seeing them again soon!

I also got a tour tshirt so that made me extra happy as both my tshirt and my three cheers hoodie were at Elliots house (my fiance) so I could not wear them.

Did everyone else who went enjoy?


i dont think this has been posted here yet.

fucking amazing interview. there's the touching stuff and then theres the LOL-worthy stuff.

how do you feel about your gay fans.. that wanna sleep with you?"
Frank: LOLZ
Gerard: I think it rules.. (yeah Gerard, we all kinda figured that out lmao)

is that a Sweden-wristband Frank's got on? amazing, if so.

AND there's the emo-question again.. >_< whatevs. say it how it is gway.

Gerard: 30's like the new 20's..
Frank: i know.. yeah for TREES! *lolz*

and heres a little something something, totally lolz-worthy i promise
flying shoes and bunnyromance

this man amazes me so..
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Wembley, March 2007. ZOMG and other such exclamations of joy.

I was at the Wembley gigs for both nights, and have only just finished uploading and editing pictures and videos, and writing up a review of the concert.

Usually, my LJ posts are f-locked, but I'm leaving this one unlocked for a few days so people can read and look at the pictures and videos and the like. :D

( My Chemical Romance, Wembley Arena, Thursday 29th March & Friday 30th March 2007... )
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Post-show question.

I'm trying to figure out the odds of meeting the band or even one member after the show April 27th, and although I realize the weather conditions and the fact that this is the second leg of the tour might have bearing, I want to put together a list of all the times they did meet fans.

So if you waited or did get to meet them on any of the following dates could you provide:
1.The time they came out  (and who)
3. length of time you waited

AND BEFORE I GET FLAMED: Yes, I do understand that they're not obligated to come out nor do I feel entitled in any way to get to meet them. I just figure I'd weigh the chances and figure things out beforehand.

Thanks! I'll update the entry with responses.

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Jim and MiniEnterprise

Frank's illness

I couldn't see any posts about what was actually wrong with him, so thought I'd feel people in if they didn't know/hadn't heard. Delete if this isn';t allowed/has been posted and I'm too late or wrong.

Basically, two friends of mine who waited around after yesterdays gig bumped into the guys from Thursday, and Geoff told them that he had food poisening, and also that apparently he recovers from that quite soon. I don't know if he's leaving the tour or not (hopefully not) but I guess we'll find out soon enough.
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