March 28th, 2007

Bamboozle Interviews?

So, as a couple of you may have seen, I'm putting together a zine all about My Chemical Romance's fans and how the the band has impacted us with their music. I'm going to Bamboozle as a few of you here are, I'm sure, so I was wondering if anyone would be willing to do a short interview about their experiences going to shows, how long they've been following the band and all that stuff? Hopefully I'll be able to run the interview with a photo of all the fans I talk to. If you're interested, drop me a line at josiekat617 at or contact me via AIM at marorisan. Also, I'm willing to do interviews over AIM, so that would be cool too if you're interested. Just a note about that, even if my away message is up, IM me anyway and just mention that you're interested in an interview and if I'm there I'll definately be willing to talk. If you haven't already, please check out the community that I started to accompany the zine, wewillcarryon and join! I'll post again closer to Bamboozle with a photo or something so you guys know who to look for if enough of you are down to chat with me. Heck, even if you see me on the street (I live in Brooklyn NY, but spend a lot of time in the city around Union Square/St. Marks on the weekends) and you'd like to give an interview, let me know and I'll edit this post with a photo so you can approach me.
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spare SEATED ticket for Wembley 29th (yes, tomorrow)

Welcome to the last minute world of Emma, full of interesting mix-ups and comedy mishaps.

Due to a bout of confusion (I think it's a contagious disease amongst MCR fans) I now have a standing ticket and a seated ticket for the 29th @ Wembley, which yes, is tomorrow.

Obviously I want the standing ticket, because I will severely injure myself flailing to Thursday otherwise, so I need to get rid of the seated ticket.

I'm willing to sell it for £10, I'd explain why so cheap but my thumbs hate me right now as it is because of my Sidekick addiction. Just comment here if you want it and we'll sort something out.

The ticket is for block N4, row A, seat 40 whatever the hell that means.
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The Brazilian Fans Need Your Help

Hello, I'm from
So, is one brazilian website/fanclub dedicated to My Chemical Romance. We already have 400 chemical fans (members) and we have one petition to send to Warner Records. With this petition, will be the official Mcr fan club in Brazil. So, the Mcrfaclubr Team need your help! Can you sign this petition?

We need one oficial fan club, this is something important for us.

Have a perfect day, kisses!
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Tomorrow, tomorrow, i love ya tomorrow

hope this is ok

so tomorrow is the first of the two nights at Wembley arena, London for our boys and i'm just way too excited.

i justed thought i'd do a little wave to anyone who is going incase they fancied saying hi to some other LJ peeps while they are there. (i'm not overly scary, i promise)

i'm gonna be there for both days (and pretty much not leaving until after the friday night show) so if you see me around feel free to say hey or whatever. i'll be wearing the standard (and maybe predictable) black jeans, black boots, a top and waistcoat that i've sorta customed to make it look like the one's 'fear and regret' wear in the WTTBP video and my MCR hoodie for good measure. i'll probably have my LJ name written on my arm or some paper too incase that'll be easier to spot.

and just so this post isn't totally pointless does anyone have any guesses as to when the various comps for the radio 1 show tickets are going be told. i know some have said when the cut off time is for entering and that the tkts will go out the day before the show but when will winners be informed...just so i know when abouts to start crying if i don't get a call/email.

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Huge Favor

hi, can someone please tell me how many members of the Black Parade are there on the fold-out inlay of the TBP album? that's just the members of the band, no animals or skulls.

haha, it's a question for a meet and greet competition due tomorrow. i wouldn't be asking except my copy of TBP is lost and i've searched everywhere twice and this is a last resort... thank you!


Guyliner Part Deux

CAMDEN, NEW JERSEY: Mar 20 -- Sporting red eye makeup and looking a lot like MCR's Gerard (who can blame him for trying), Jared Leto and his band 30 Seconds to Mars performed at the Tweeter Center during their Taste of Chaos tour.

Taken from Popscene:


I just thought that was kind of interesting. You?

gay cake!

Ring of Fire

Okay, so this is my first post here, nice to meet you guys. Yay!
Anyways, to get to the point -- I got dragged to this museum of installation art called Mass MoCa a couple weeks ago and there was this one t-shirt there with a design I thought you guys might find kinda interesting.

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