March 25th, 2007

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Standing Tickets x2 for Wembley Date: March 30th

Hi all,

Apologies to add to the already large number of ticket posts but this is urgent and I thought I'd try here before eBay. I have 2 standing tickets for the second Wembley date (30th March) to sell. I am asking for at least £45 to cover face value plus what the postage would be, payment by PayPal.

If you are interested, please either leave a comment here or email me at to let me know. I am also available on AIM at vow you break for most of the day if that's easiest.

Serious offers only please, I'd like to get these tickets sold by tonight so I can get them sent out ASAP.

Thank you!

ETA 4:10 pm GMT: Just to clarify, I'm willing to sell them separately at £25 each and they're both still available.

ETA again: Okay, I'm not getting any sort of definate responses so I'll be putting them on eBay tonight. I'll put the link up here for people still interested.
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Hayden: Tongue

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Hey :)

Are MCR playing the Carling festivals this year? I heard they were but they're not mentioned on the official festival website and the band's website's tour dates only go up to May. So, are they gonna be there?
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San Diego: 03/13/07 and Halloween/Christmas shows.

Alright, this is the longest it has ever taken me to pop out a review, but my motto has always been better late than never. Here goes nothing:

March 13, 2007
Ipayone Center
San Diego, CA

A lengthy but good read that also includes pictures and tidbits from the Halloween show, 91x Christmas show, and the Teenagers music video shoot.

Follow the cut:
Free Image Hosting at

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Tix echange, seating for standing? NOTTINGHAM

Hey guys.

Ok, so my friends and I have three standing tickets. We think now we would rather have seating tix instead. However, we would want tham AS NEAR TO THE STAGE AS POSSIBLE (selfish I know)

Is there anyone out there willing to trade in their seating tix for standing? PLEASE?

I know some people end up with seating tix when they would rather be down in the crowd. We're getting old and woud rather have a seat near the stage instead.

Anyone who is interested please email me at a.s.a.p stating their seat and block numbers if they are willing to consider it as an option.

Like I say, there are three of us so it would need to be a three ticket exchange for three seats next to each other, not spaced out around the arena.

Many thanks.

Enjoy the gig tomorrow to anyone else who is going.

The benefits of procrastination

It's possible that people already realize this, but there's something called that keeps copies of every website ever. So I randomly put in and came up with a plethora of goodies! All the pictures seem to load, it just takes a bit longer. I hope putting this on here doesn't crash its capabilities or anything haha but I figure it's a pretty cool resource in any case:*/

If anyone is feeling really dedicated and wants to save all those pictures or all the journal entries somewhere, please keep the community updated. Thanks & Enjoy!

floor vs. general admission

hey, i need some help.

i was just going to buy a ticket for the reading, pa show, and i noticed that there are two options on ticketmaster. "floor seating" and "general admission seating." if i want to be standing, which do i choose?

thanks in advance!

EDIT:: i think i have it figured out.

for anyone who may have similar problems in the future, "floor seating" and "general admission seating" come up as the same thing when you search for tickets. it's probably just for the venue to keep track of ticketing, and i think both are for standing. i'm going with "floor seating," just to be safe.

thanks to everyone again!

April 19, Tampa concertgoers...and anyone else. ^^

I'm an admin over at, and I know we've all been trying to think of a place to meet up at the St. Pete Times Forum. I thought maybe, in order to get a little more traffic (and to help out of course, duh), I'd link to a thread we have for the April 19th show. Go ahead and join, and we can definitely plan something out more easily there.

I'm sure a good lot of you have already joined. In case anybody is wondering, I'm "Jerk; in the mood 4u" (although it often changes) there. Please do join! =D

Apologies if this type of thing is not allowed. ><;


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