March 24th, 2007


I went to the Birmingham show on 22/3/07 and I waited outside afterwards with my friends until about 2 o clock. They didn't come out and speak to us, despite frank's desperate attempts to entertain us through a bus window with a packet of pizzas...

anyway, i was just wondering whether anyone has been to either of the other UK shows and waited afterwards and whether they came out or not like they did in november.

are they being controlled by their management, am i just unlucky or were they just exhausted?

any help would be appreciated.

thanks guys.

ps. sorry about the weird subject title.

EDIT: If people took this like I expected them to come out and don't respect them or anything then I'm sorry, that's not what I meant. I didn't expect them to come out at all, I respect them enormously and understand that they just needed a break.


Hey guys =]

I'm posting this on behalf of someone else. They're selling TWO tickets for the MCR gig which is TOMORROW (Sunday 25 March) in Cardiff International Arena. They want to get rid of them quick, so it's £20 (or nearest offer) for BOTH tickets.

As it's such short notice, he's said he will deliver the tickets if you live in the Cardiff area. If not, he'll pass the tickets on to me and as I'm going to the gig myself, so you could pick them up from me as I'm going to be outside in the early-mid afternoon.

If you're interested please email me at

Thanks! =]
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