March 22nd, 2007

Birmingham NIA tonight! (I'm so excited)

Ok, who is going to the Birmingham NIA gig tonight? I can't get there till about 6pm because of stupid university so I'm gonna be way back down the line, so crappy position for standing. Plus, I always have to pee, so I'll have to go line up for that too -_-

Question: has the merch been available after the gig because I don't wanna buy stuff before then carry stuff around in the standing area.

Question two: is anyone going to hang around after to try and meet the boys? I think the buses park inside underneath the NIA, which means they wont even have to come out if they dont want to.

I think parking is £ bring change ^_^

Ok...I'm rambling now, sorry.
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lars; husband

My bad!

I haven't got the foggiest if this is allowed but a little while ago (last month sometime) I asked if people had spare tickets to any UK shows. Someone replied and said they had a ticket for Thursday 29th @ Wembley I could buy off them on the day.

Like an arsewit I have totally forgotten who this person is. Please get in contact! Reply to this or email Panicky, as usual.

Anyway, ty in advance if anyone can help, I need to go to bed, I only just got back from Brighton. Ta ra! Xox
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Frank/Gerard Make Out in Fresno?

Yeah, I know, it sounds too good to be true but the Fresno-ites are swearing by it. We must locate a video of this. I will accept multiple pictures that I can print out, put together, flip and make my own little animated make out session if I have to.

You guys rock at finding stuff so go, go, go!

[others] row of flowers

I Am A Graveyard

Many of you probably know about the band Frank was in between Pencey Prep and MCR. I was messing around on YouTube today and found this video of them performing Attention Reader live (with Ray and Matt, I don't know if they were actually in that band?).

I'm still laughing about it. And we thought Gerard was an eccentric frontman. Not that I'd have expected anything less from Frank, but...yes. Entertaining, to say the least.

I Am A Graveyard


So, this probably isn't anything HUGE, actually it isn't, but, I was sitting here and Teenagers is playing on Left of Center College-Indie Rock...that station on Sirius Radio. I just thought it was weird and all seeing as they aren't an indie band.

Well, I'll shut up now, but I just thought I'd share.
Jim and MiniEnterprise

Paris tickets...

Basically, I hate to ask, but I'm somewhat desperate. I bought tickets for myself and a friend, and directed another friend to this site as well, for MCR in Paris on the 4th April at the Elysee-Montmarte...I bought them from tickettout because it seemed trustworthy, and I'd had over the phone contact with them, and it was all good...except they went bust on the 12th March and I only found out about it today. We won't get our tickets, and we may not even get our money back. Overall I need three tickets therefore for this gig (I've already booked our hostel, and coaches to Paris from England so aren't going to not go) so if anyone has any tickets to spare I'd be really grateful if you can email me on

You don't have to have three tickets spare, I can buy them all seperately, I'm just really desperate please, and can;t afford to pay too much over face value because I spent a lot of money on the tickettout ones. I know a few people have been advertising tickets to this gig recently, so if you haven't sold them yet that would be great.

Thanks in advance, I'm sorry for another ticket post...

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Courtney Point Shoes

(no subject)

so, i'm new here, first time posting. so forgive me if i'm a bit lame. anyway...

i've been hearing about meet and greets at shows and stuff, and i've been wondering how that all goes down. i'm going to see them in may and plan on staying a bit afterwards to meet them, and was just wondering how long it usually takes them to leave after playing. i've had experiences waiting for bands and sometimes it can take a few hours and shit. and bamboozle.. do they walk around at all during the day? just figuring out my chances to meet 'em.

also, is ebay probably my best bet to get the action figures? i'm trying to finish my set. but they're going for ridiculous amounts and with starting school i'm a bit short on cash.

one more thing, i thought i'd share my new purchase, since i'm pretty excited about it..
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