March 20th, 2007

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Sloganize MCR.

I can’t sleep so I found this the other day and decided to try it on the guys of MCR. I thought it was fun.

Gerard Way

Recommended By Dr. Gerard Way.

The Gerard Way That Eats Like A Meal.

Behold the Power of Gerard Way.
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TBP Limited Edition

I dont know if this is allowed. I live in the Philippines and i have a relative in Canada who wants to send me a present, and he's asking me what do i want from there. I want some MCR related item of course, but i dont know what MCR stuffs does Canada hold. I also want the Limited edition of the black parade, but i dont if its available there and how much it is.

so here's the question:
1. What MCR stuffs does Canada [Toronto] have and where can you buy them?
2. Is the TBP LImited Edition available in Toronto, Canada? If so, where can you buy them and how much?

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Metal Hammer

I just saw scans from an issue of Hammer that I believe to be the newest one, with MCR on the cover. Could anyone send me a copy in the US and I can pay them for it? Please!!
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Dita - Goddess

First Post - Ducat King

I bought some tickets through the website for the MCR show here in Calgary on May 18th.

Has anyone else bought tickets through Ducat King? Did you have any problems?

I know the tickets won't arrive for a few weeks yet, I'm just petrified that they won't show up/ won't be the right seats/ will get lost in the mail/ won't ship to Canada blah blah blah.

*bundle of nerves*

UK - After the shows..

At Cardiff, is there a back entrance, or, somewhere where the tour bus would be parked (as opposed to inside..) and is it likely that the guys would come out? i guess thats a hard question to answer, but essentially, i'm just trying to find out whether they'd have to go outside to get to the bus?
Alllsoooo, the same applies for Wembley? i know that they changed it, and the back entrance isn't a back entrance anymore, i didn't study it all that much but i think they're in an underground inside bit now? what are your views on seeing the guys after the show at Wembley?

Thankyou all lots.

i'm not really too familiar with these venues, i'm just hoping that i'll get the chance to chat to the guys again? although i'm not being too optimistic, these are big venues..
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Marilyn Monroe - green

Breaking News: My mom's an MCR fan!

Today I had my mom drive me to and from the doctor since I'm not well enough to drive myself (I almost got into an accident on the freeway this morning). Anyway, when she picked me up I opened the car door and guess what was blasting out of the speakers? "DEAD!" I was in shock and awe that my mother, the last person who I thought would be into My Chemical Romance, was rocking out to The Black Parade. I even heard her singing along to "Welcome to the Black Parade" when the song came on. It all made me very happy, to say the least. ^_^

She also made the comment that "these guys don't sound emo. Why does everyone call them emo? They look emo, but they don't sound emo." I explained to her that some people (a.k.a. so-called music critics) have no idea what to call these new bands, so they go with stupid labels like "post-hardcore-emo-punk" or whatever they thinks sounds the best lamest.

I then said that they dressed the way they did because they are influenced by artists like Bowie and Queen, to which she shook her head and said, "No. They just like to dress up." LMFAO.

So besides wanting to share this amazing story with you all, I was just wondering if any of you have had friends/family/peers/strangers who have surprised you at their love for the band? You know, people who you NEVER thought would like them but turn out that they do?
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new canadian date!!!

i love when mychem graces my inbox:


My Chemical Romance & The Black Parade have just announced a new show on Thursday, May 17th, 2007 at Rexall Place in Edmonton, AB with special guests Thursday. "

even though it's waaaay too bloody far for me to get to this one, it's still ridiculously exciting.
tickets are already on sale, according to the email.
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I just thought i would post this video. when i saw this i started laughing at Gerard.
I think when Ray was talking to a fan Gerard was making fun of Ray for moving his hands a lot or maybe Gerard was just doing something random. either way it's pretty funny. credit for the video goes to eternalpain223 on youtube. :)

Link if the video doesnt show up