March 16th, 2007


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The reason I was asking for NJ fans.

Recently BBC Radio 1 contacted me about a documentary they are making on the band.

The documentary will go out live on air at 7pm UK time on BBC Radio 1, April 2nd.
The documentary is half an hour and will include interviews with NJ fans about the band and their home town.
After that, there will be an interview with the band and then a live gig from the band.

You can listen through the radio or on the website at the time and the audio will be available on there for a week after the broadcast.

* Let me know if your one of the NJ fans that are getting interviewed!
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Pics from the Fresno show.

I took a few pics at the Fresno CA show. I was far far away from the stage and did the best I can. You can check them out @ my journal  

The ones that I didn't post are @ my photobucket

Sorry about the quality it's the best I could get as far as I was. Oh well it's better than NOTHING :)

If you take them credit is always appreciated and comments are <3
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New My Chem Vid

So we all know that I Don't Love You was the boys UK single and that they are set to film ANOTHER one tomorrow but would any one happen to know to what song it is? Or is it *shhh* top-secret and I'll just have to wait to find out? I'm dying here! I'm thinking it might be Disenchanted because that was the original rumor I heard for their next video but ya never know. Personally, I'd prefer Mama but then again, could they get Liza Minnelli [sp?] again? Sooo basically, any song is fine with me =] Any updates/new info or even just what you think it is or want it to be is appreciated. =]


So, I was riding home on the bus the other day, listening to my iPod. It was Headfirst for Halos so I'm smiling and tapping my foot, then the random shuffle pick Cancer as the next song. The second Cancer started, I just felt everything inside of me drop and my smile faded, but it was kinda a good feeling. Anyways, the point is that amazingly then next day in my music class we got assigned a project. The topic was how popular music effects people today. You are supposed to pick one band how how listening to their music effects them. I thought about doing the whole, MCR saved my life/inspires me topic, but I decided I would be more interested in hearing how a particular MCR song effects your emotions, I guess I want to say? Maybe?

So if you are interested, just leave like a few sentences to a short paragraph about one MCR song, from any album that really just seems to get way down deep in you and maybe dig up some emotions you don't normally feel? And if it's not too much trouble, try to do a song most people aren't doing, so I have a variety. Well anyways, if you choose to do this, thanks in advance. =]
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Summer Tour?

I just received a phone call from my suitemate Stacey, she was listening to 89x based in Detroit, Michigan. Apparently they announced a show this summer, she said it as if it were part of a tour, with HIM, Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance and another band she didn't remember.

Now, this could be the Projekt Revolution tour, but if they said summer, I'd assume that wouldn't be late August, as an interview with some one from Linkin Park said the tour would be starting.
EDIT: After some searching, I found this:
"I can't say much about it, but Projekt Revolution is going to be happening this summer," he laughed. "It's looking like it'll start around July 24 and run through around Labor Day, and it is going to be a tour that no one will miss. And in my opinion — as a music fan — it's the most exciting tour that I've seen in a very long time." at
So, summer it is. This may be the first signs of actual confirmation on Projekt Revolution's line-up.

And I forgot about this post from iluvcemetaries.

In conclusion of the edit, I suspect this date is a Projekt Revolution date, which means it will most likely be at DTE in Clarkston, for you Michiganders out there. :D

This is exciting. :D They'll definitely be doing dates in the US this summer kiddies, you can stop freaking out now.
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I've seen a ton of posts about this, but I can't look through them because well last time I was on an MCR comm. I found a ton about the shows not under cuts, and I don't wanna know anything >_<

But well, I'm going to the brum gig at the NIA (and might I add I've been so nervous I've litteraly been sick), and well I can't find anything about not allowing cameras, only no chains or chokers (but not for lostprophets which mean MCR are officialy the most dangerous band ever hahaha), but I was wondering, those of you who have ever been to a rock concert at the NIA, did they allow cameras? Mine isn't exactly small, and I wont have anywhere to hide it, and I'm planning on shopping most of the afternoon (thats the good thing about having your b'day the day before), so I don't want to walk around with it, when I doubt that I'm going back to the hotel ESPECIALLY if I find out I can't have it :3 so... yeah........

Anyone have any advice on getting rid of nerves? Because I really can't eat and it's kind of driving me insane.
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I know this has been posted many times before but I cant find it! I was wondering how long MCR are on for and how long the opening act are on for? so if it starts 7:30 around what time would it end? Unfortunatly I have a curfew and might have to leave early :(  also has anyone seen them before they actually go in, like outside before the show? thanks and sorry if this is annoying :)
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I do hope this is allowed...:)

Anyway...I was just wondering, have many of you met some of your best friends through MCR? None of my friends at school like MCR, so it's hard for me, I never have anyone to go to gigs with and such. I was just wondering if any of you had personal experiences?

btw. If any of you wish to..please add me. I'm a bit lonely on this lj...and it'd be nice to have fellow MCR fans.
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Could any Aussie MCR fan [or anyone else who knows] tell me what the rumours are about MCR returning later this year? Are they just rumours or are they a little more substantial? 'Cos it's pretty much the reason I'm using to survive uni this year and if they don't come I will be devastated.

Oh, and here is a scan of a review for MCR when they played Festival Hall in Melbourne. It's from the new Blunt.

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Question about cameras.

Okay, so i'm going to see the guys on Saturday 24th in Manchester. I was looking on the website to see if the arena allowed cameras, and got all happy because they do =] But I looked on the page about the gig ( and it says this:

Please note > At the request of the band, the use of cameras and camera phones is strictly prohibited during this show.

1) I've checked out all the other websites for the UK arenas they'll be playing at, and they say nothing about the band not allowing cameras (apart from Carling Academy, where I can find no trace of the concert 0_o)
2) I thought the band said it was okay to take photos at their concerts?

So, I can't help but wish wonder if it's a mistake. It's weird it says nothing at the other venues, right?