March 4th, 2007

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any choreographers or dance geeks in the house?

Hello, sorry to bother everyone with my inquiry.

I'm helping my sister do a little performance thing, and we're trying to decide between her dancing Cassie's "Me & U" or adapting the dances in "Helena" for a solo performer. Can anyone point me to any website or post or dicussion thread where they break down the choreography in "Helena"? Or at least discuss it in detail. Your own comments about the choreography in "Helena" would also be much appreciated. Thank you! (Please don't berate me for my obvious ignorance about choreographing- my sister and I dance well enough, but we are not good with coming up with our own routines.)
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William & Mary 4/28

Okay, I'm really curious. I really really really want to go to the My Chem/Muse date on April 28th at William & Mary. I wasn't sure if I could go earlier, but I'm pretty hellbent on going now. So I went on Ticketmaster today, and there were two options; VIP ACCESS (GENERAL ADMISSION) $30.25 & GENERAL ADMISSION $30.25

The problem is, knowing venues and that their definitions of VIP Access/General Admission are varied, I don't know what the difference is. I looked up the site for W&M Hall and there's arena seats, but I really don't know if VIP GA is for the floor or what, because I seriously will not settle for seeing My Chem in a seat.

My question is, did anyone else buy their tickets for this show, and do you have tickets for GA/VIPGA?
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Kansas Expocentre Pictures?

I'm sorry if I'm not supposed to post this (I'm new here) but I was wondering if anybody has pictures from the Topeka Expocentre concert?  I'm SOOOO desperate for those pictures!! I was there and it was the best day of my life, and if anybody has pictures it would make me so HAPPY!

Thanks : )

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MCR against suicide- project?

I'd want your opinion on something.

Ok, so media often introduces MCR as this dark band that encourages fans to harm themselfs and stuff, you probably  now the picture, right? Well we all know that's not true, so I've been thinking about starting this project in MySpace at least (maybe making even an own webpage?) against that shit. A project that would spread the fact that it isn't that way.

What do you think? So you have any suggestions or hopes?  Would it be good or bad?

the suggestons so far, that i've liked the best are
My Chemical Saviors, We're Okay Now, My Chemical Salvation and My Living Romance.

Welcome to the Cheerleading Parade

Completely random and pointless/useless but I was being bored and browsed on YouTube and ended up on cheerleading videos. I watched a few of them and a few of them used Queen and Metallica as a part of their song thingys and I was like "I bet they've used MCR before too." and guess what? They have.

"bodies in the streets" to "carry on" part of WTTBP. It's pretty recent.

Around 36 seconds it starts til about 1 minute and it goes into P!NK.

Uhhh. yeah. Other than that they're pretty good. lol
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Tell me it's not true...

Okay, so I'm nerding out and aimlessly wandering Wikipedia and I revisit the TBP World Tour page and I'm looking at the setlist and what to my wondering eyes should appear?

"22. Headfirst for Halos or Vampires Will Never Hurt you (Special Dates only)"

Did they really play these at some of the dates? I know they added Venom a few shows in, but I hadn't heard about the addition HfH and/or Vampires.
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