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I think we've all had enough of being lumped together in an "emo" scene, headed by a band that purportedy promotes self-harm and suicide - and I'd like to fight back in my own particular way. That way is an essay, disproving every false claim made in recent press as to what My Chemical Romance represents, and the activities and ideals their fans partake in.

But, to write this essay, I need all of your help - I need resources, I need articles, I need opinions.

First of all, I need any and all articles appearing in any press around the world over the last six months or so that chronicles the so-called "emo" scene, or any articles that discuss the same subject with mentions of My Chemical Romance. Prime examples would be the recent statement from Kasabian, the Daily Mail article, etc.

Next, I need articles and interviews from My Chemical Romance themselves - I remember that they released something in retaliation to the Daily Mail article, I believe? A link to that would be good, as would any and all interviews in which the boys state their message and purpose, and/or what they think of self-harm, suicide, the "emo" scene, etc.

Third and last, I need all of your opinions. So along with commenting in this posts to links to the above sorts of things, I'd like each and every one of you to tell me what you think of the recent press about emo, the present music scene, and My Chemical Romance as they relate to it, and the effects the stigma of it all has had on you (stories such as kirschblume's would suffice). Eloquent, mature comments would be appreciated, as I can't exactly quote from comments that drop an f-bomb every three syllables. ;)

thank you so much, everyone, for any help supplied. [=

edit: holy fuck guys. i think it's a testament to the power of this band in the first place, if we can all come together and have such eloquent and effective and clear thoughts on this subject - and SO MANY of those thoughts, too. you are all very amazing people.

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