logic_fails (logic_fails) wrote in chemicalromance,

This can be deleted if it's not allowed.

I'm one of the editors of our school paper, and now they expect me to write an article before saturday.
I wanted to write about "the emo war" between the music/bands and the concerned parents.
You have to know that I live in the Netherlands, and most people here haven't even heard of the little thing called 'emo'.

Now I wanted to know some things.

1) People gave mcr the title 'emo'. Did this make you 'emo' only because you listen to their music?
2) What do you think about it? Is 'emo' something you already are, or something you become?
3) People associate 'emo' with cutting. Are they right to do that? Even if mcr tells you that "I'm not afraid to keep on living."?
4) listing to 'emo': Something to be proud of, or something you have to hide these days?
5) mcr: an army of desperate/lonely/dependant/depressive people?

I really need your opinions for my upcoming article. That brings me to my last question:
Am I allowed to quote you?

Thankyou. :)

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