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hey guys!

i've heard that a certain person listed as a moderator got bombarded by more than a dozen people harassing a certain moderator to let their posts through tonight.

a) she doesn't moderate here anymore, but i hadn't taken her off the list because i didn't think that anyone would bother her like that.

b) bothering a moderator on their personal aim or e-mail is NOT going to get your post let through. it's going to get it denied, and if you're being a big enough dick, banned from the community.

as of now, i am the one and only moderator. BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN TO BOTHER ME EITHER. the only reason for you to contact me is if you believe your post was denied by accident (i.e. you don't think you violated a rule and there wasn't a reason giving for it being denied), you've having a problem with another community member, or... if you just want to talk to me about something (i swear, i'm a nice person, i just don't like when i hear about stupid nonsense going on :D).

i hadn't been able to watch the community like a hawk lately because i've been dealing with a lot having to do with my (real) job. also, i work for a national park so i live in the middle of nowhere and sometimes i might not get the internet for a little while. however, i have come up with an idea on how to combat the problem:


it's not that glamorous of a job, but if you really want to help, i'd appreciate it. the only things i ask is that you try to let posts through every day, don't break any rules, be fair about posts, and don't be a dick to anyone. i'll still be on here so if i see anyone screwing around, you'll be gone.

if you want to apply, please reply back with answers to these questions:

1) what is your name?

2) do you have a myspace?

3) how long have you had a livejournal?

4) how long have you liked mcr (no lying guys, i've been going to their shows for 5 years so i'll figure it out if you lie ;D)

5) how long have you belonged to the mcr community?

6) have you moderated anywhere before? which community/ies?

7) why do you want to moderate?

these questions are just for me to get an idea of who you are. how long you've belonged doesn't really have an effect on your application. haha.

thanks guys.
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