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leathermouth @ the social in orlando

If you take one thing away from the Reggie & The Full Effect/Leathermouth shows, it's that James Dewees loves him some Miley Cryus and Frank has a lot of shit to be pissed off about although we're not quite sure what. Words cannot begin to describe how epic this show was.

Frank wants us all to know that this is not fucking MCR shit (despite the beautiful fact that all their equipment is labeled with red tape that clearly says MCR and Revenge on it) and after asking for a show of hands of who was under 18, declared that having underage girls at a show is a new thing for him. He's so special. We also learned that Frank still has all his best kindergarten skills in tact despite his knack for wanting to burn you in your fucking house now. He loves to play and share with others... his hands, his mic and perhaps his spit. Frank Iero needs to work a little on his 'indoor voice' but we can make an exception just this once.

The show itself was clearly amazing and despite the wind and rain that pelted Leathermouth on their way to Florida and continued to fall during the show soaking all of us in line and on the way out the door, they managed to make it here and put on a fucking kick ass show. The Social, in Orlando, is a venue that wasn't meant for more than 300 people, maybe 400 so it was hard to wander around without running into someone incredibly wonderful in all their screaming glory. We all screamed because we couldn't hear a fucking thing but that's why it's so great. At some point, Frank promised that some day they'd out out a CD but it was blantantly obvious that with the way we were all screaming back, none of us were holding our breath for that to come to fruition.

Dressed all in white with t-shirts that they had made themselves with handwritten letters, that had you lined them up for mugshots would have spelled out MOUTH, they looked pure like the virgins we are sure they all are. Frank showed us just how virginal he claimed to be since he spent a good part of the show kneeling on stage. Could those screams be actual prayers to prevent him from being mobbed in the latter part of that show by the massive attack of the aforementioned underage girls? Sadly, no. God doesn't love thieves and when we caught a glimpse of Frank sporting sunglasses that looked much like Gerard Way's Starsky & Hutch lenses, we knew that he had either stole them from his MCR bandmate or Gerard had taught him well. The band sounded amazing. They were tight (random mention of pants is fleeting) and performed well together, especially for their first show of the tour.

The setlist, which, by the way, was covered in Eddie's blood (oh, Eddie, you're so punk rock), was as follows:

Catch Me If You can
I'm Going to Kill the President of the United States of America
Sunsets are for Muggings
Bodysnatchers Forever
5th Period Massacre
This Song Is About Being Attacked By Monsters
My Love Note Has Gone Flat
Murder Was the Case that they Gave Me

As an added amazing bonus, Frank also played with James Dewees when Reggie & The Full Effect. He played bass. It was weird.

He was actually pretty amazing on bass. He looked as if he had been practicing really hard and knew all the songs perfectly but the most important part of Frank being on stage with James was his smile. Now please excuse me while I make a frail attempt not to gush but the best part of watching him up there was that he was smiling the whole fucking time. And not just smiling but literally shooting beams of electricity from his face because Frank Iero is just that awesome. He was laughing and I haven't seen Frank have that much fun since maybe I saw MCR at Warped Tour? Kids, I don't even know. It's been a long time. But he was just a smiling bundle of little tininess all wrapped up in a neat package that vaguely looked like the Frank we all know and love but now with new sparkly wrapping paper and a bow! And I think I know how much we all love the sparkly.

I've only ever seen Reggie & The Full Effect once before this and I kinda don't remember (jaeger!). But if you think you're going just for Leathermouth, Reggie & The Full Effect was AMAZING. The things that James was saying (watch out Sliknot & Trace Cyrus) and his outfit (a pink Hannah Montana tank top - WalMart price tags still attached, tiny pink gym shorts and slippers), were fucking priceless. While standing up there drinking ye olde PBR, James had also brought up that Frank had brough the movie Hotrod on the bus and they had all been cracking up about it. I fucking love white trash Frankie Ro. For just one night, he made living in Florida a better place. I felt SO BAD for him. There was really no security or anything around. He was MOBBED by girls wanting a picture or an autograph and it broke my heart to see him so overwhelmed and no one to help him. I know you don't need me to say it but if you go to these shows, just please remember to be respectful of the guys :( ... I'm 30. Don't make me mom your asses.

Also, waited til the very end of the show when no one was around and met Frank. We had a good 10-15 minutes with him and I told him something personal that was important to me. Took pictures. Something, something.

The end.

Oh wait, you probably want pictures... you sat through all of this, I guess you deserve it

Now, I don't mind if you use my pictures or repost them or even make them the cutest 100x100 icons EVER but I would really love if you'd credit me. I was nice enough not to tag the fuck out of my pictures with a big ass I OWN YOUR SOUL across Frank's face so the least you could do is say, I got them some some sassy bitch named jazzy on LJ. I have no idea who that is. Merci d'avance.

Now. The end.
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